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Continuing Education

Community Education Courses

Community Education at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center provides non-traditional students a diverse selection of opportunities for personal enrichment, to increase knowledge in a variety of subjects, and to increase or obtain new career skills.

If you have suggestions for noncredit courses or workshops, we invite you to share your ideas with our staff. We welcome new course Ideas and instructors. Feel free to share if you are qualified to teach a special interest course or would like a specific subject taught for your personal enrichment or professional development.

Share your ideas with us by fax, phone, mail, or e-mail to our address below. So, come join us this year along with many of your neighbors who have committed to a lifetime of learning!

Registration Information

Registrations will not be processed and confirmed until the registration fee has been paid. A nonrefundable registration fee will be applied to all classes. Please see the application for the list of fees. If you must withdraw from a course, your written request must be received three (3) business days before the class start date, or tuition will not be eligible for a refund. Full payment must be made before or during the first class meeting.