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Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College

Honors at Norfolk State University
Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College


HONORS in the Robert C. Nusbaum (RCN) Honors College is about more than high grades. It is an opportunity to develop, sharpen, and enhance one’s honor—character, integrity, behavior, and attributes—to shine in the midst of our complex global world.

The RCN Honors College emphasizes five core areas:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Professional Preparation
  3. Personal Growth & Development
  4. Social Interactions
  5. Community Service

Through classes, activities, events, exposures and experiences, students are stretched through development to shine at graduation as vetted Honors Scholars! Honors Scholars have been White House HBCU Scholars selected by the White House and Department of Education, active members of NSU’s Student Government Association, recipients of regional and national awards and scholarships, Student Ambassadors and Leaders across campus and more!

Dr. Khadijah O. Miller - Dean of the RCN Honors College

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Stretch and Shine in Honors

The Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College is open to all majors across Norfolk State University. Stretch your academic potential in our enhanced academic classes, co-curricular enrichment activities and special programs for high-ability students. Shine brightly across classes, with opportunities to study abroad, attend and present at conferences, and work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research projects! Display your attributes, talents and aptitude as an honors scholar in the RCNHC!

The RCN Honors College is an authentic community of scholars where critical thinking, curiosity, imagination and creativity are encouraged. Challenging courses, spirited debate, international study, research projects—in labs and classrooms, along with special living and learning communities can be a part of your Honors at NSU experience. The preparation you receive here will set you apart and improve your global marketing in graduate school and career choice(s).

The goals of the RCN Honors College, in full support of the University’s overall mission, vision and core values include:

  • To raise the level of academic standards and expectations at Norfolk State University
  • To provide an enriched and challenging program of study for students who manifest exceptional academic potential and are willing to commit to a rigorously relevant and supportive academic curriculum
  • To improve the University’s ability to attract, matriculate, and graduate such scholars; and
  • To enrich the entire University community by sponsoring and co-sponsoring worthwhile academic and co-curricular activities, events, and opportunities.

Opportunities in NSU Honors

  • Specialized “H” Honors Courses
  • Summer Enrichment Program(s)
  • Faculty and Peer Mentorship
  • Travel and Study Abroad
  • Participate in Guaranteed Internships
  • Present at regional and national conferences
  • Limited Scholarships each semester
  • Leadership Development
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Meet all requirements and graduate with a specialized Honors diploma and earn the Honors Medallion!

Course Offerings

To obtain a current listing of all Honors courses, go to MyNSU and use the Search for Sections feature. After selecting Course Catalog, filling in the semester desired, students should scroll down to the bottom of the form and find the Course Type box. After “Honors” is selected, a list of all current Honors Courses should appear. Pages from the full list must be printed individually.

Events Schedule

Honors Scholars, also known as Junior Fellows are required to participate in academic and co-curricular activities each semester. Best practice demonstrates that students who are active across the University, perform better academically and have higher rates of successful persistence. Honors at NSU supports this philosophy, and requires students to organize, attend, and participate in events each semester. For more information on events, check the Spartan Tracking Events Platform (STEP).

Honors Café

Honors Cafés are required weekly opportunities for Honors Scholars to commune with one another and Honors Faculty to discuss, learn about, investigate and share on a wide variety of topics. Honors Café meets on Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm, EST. Honors Café are in person the first Tuesday of each month, with other meetings virtually. For more information on the schedule check STEP.