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Campus Security

The University Police Department is a part of Norfolk State University’s Department of Administration and Finance. The department performs a variety of law enforcement tasks, including but not limited to, investigation of criminal activity, apprehension of criminals, traffic enforcement, emergency response, and special security assignments.

What We Do

As needed, the department coordinates criminal investigations with the Virginia State Police Department and the City of Norfolk Police Department.

Residence Halls

The residence halls are designed to meet the housing needs of students who desire to live on campus. Dormitories provide important educational and social benefits for students’ personal development. Policies and guidelines for residential living have been instituted to facilitate an atmosphere conducive to academics, safety, welfare and comfort of all residents and visitors in the residence halls. The housing program is built on trust and cooperation.

The residence hall lounges are open to visitors only during scheduled hours. The visitation hours are posted at the main desk.

Reporting Criminal Activities and Other Emergencies

Norfolk State University Police Department’s policy is to protect the rights, the safety and the welfare of the students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. The University community must note that it is extremely important that each person has the right to be free from acts and threats of violence. Everyone is expected, as well as required, to comply with all state, local and federal laws.

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are encouraged to report all suspicious persons, activities, or crimes that are witnessed on campus and in the surrounding communities to the University Police Department immediately.

Campus Security Authority

Any person living, studying, working and/or visiting the university that is victimized by, or has knowledge of a criminal incident/offense or other emergency should immediately report such incident, offense or emergency to the University Police Department or to any University official who is defined as a “Campus Security Authority.

  • The following individuals and organizations within the University are designated as “Campus Security Authorities:”
  • Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Parking and Transportation and Staff
  • NSUPD Law Enforcement Officers • NSUPD Security Officers
  • Athletic Administration and Coaches • Student Activities Coordinators, Supervisors and Activity Staff
  • Residential Life Director, Assistant Director, Coordinators, Staff, and Resident Assistants
  • Student Organization Advisors
  • Military Service (ROTC, NROTC), Active Duty Military Personnel
  • Director of New Student Orientation and Staff
  • Band Director and Staff
  • Faculty Advisors

Voluntary and Confidential Reporting of Crime and Other Serious Incidents

Norfolk State University has two methods for individuals to voluntarily and confidentially report crimes and other severe incidente.

The Norfolk State University Police Department works very closely with the University’s counseling center staff and counselors. This connection has allowed the two departments to develop a procedure that encourages all counselors to avail their clients to the opportunity to voluntarily and confidentially report crimes or other serious incidents to the police department. The Norfolk State University Police Department uses this information to better inform the community of the crime picture on campus.

  • Anonymous Phone Line @ 757-823-2148