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A.S. Architectural Drafting

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Norfolk State University
Associates of Science Architectural Drafting 

The Architectural Drafting Technology Curriculum is designed to provide students with a technical education that will prepare them to work as semi-professionals immediately upon completion of the program. Graduates may fill such typical positions as architectural draftsman, mechanical draftsman, civil draftsman, technical representative, technical salesperson, or CAD operator. Major Code AS.ARD Architectural Drafting Technology.

Program Outcomes

The Architectural Drafting program embraces the following goals:

  •     Establish the program as a reputable source for the drafting/design industry.
  •     Produce an annual graduating class of successful students.
  •     Maintain a strong focus on student learning.
  •     Attract and retain outstanding students.

The Architectural Drafting program provides for student achievement of the following outcomes:

  •  Students will demonstrate knowledge of construction science, mathematics, technological architectural drafting/design fundamentals, communication skills and industrial/occupational safety.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of building and architectural design fundamentals, as applied to building codes and specifications.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in architectural related computer-aided design problem solving.
  •  Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge of construction materials, concepts, theories and principles.
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of the value of professional growth and commitment.

Program Competencies

  • Students completing the Architectural Drafting program will master the following competencies:
  • Demonstrate ability to write and present technical documents using appropriate visual materials.
  • Identify and execute construction site safety standards, including the ability to interpret OSHA Standards, establish safety and health procedures on the job site, perform hazard material and process analysis and enforce safety procedures.
  • Demonstrate competency in the use of computer-aided-design software such as AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop and RIVET Architecture.
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare and interpret working plans for residential and commercial structures.
  • Analyze building processes, systems, techniques, materials and plans to construct a typical dwelling and/or commercial building.
  • Develop building plans based on interpretation of uniform building codes and specifications.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of land surveying, surveying instruments; read and interpret land survey data.

Program Assessment Measures

The methods used to assess student learning and advance students through the Architectural Drafting program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •     Pre-test and post-test
  •     Portfolios
  •     Co-op & Internship evaluations
  •     Embedded examinations

Student Performance and achievement

This program requires 67 credit hours to complete matriculation. The student retention rate for Fall 2020 through Fall 2021 was 38.1%. The three year student graduation rate is 29%. The average GPA is 2.59. The average years to complete the degree is 3 years. 

Average Salary

Students graduating from the Architectural Drafting Program reported a starting salary range from $30k–$35k in annual pay. Average salary calculated is $32,000. Graduates of this program enrolled into the Building Construction Technology Program upon graduation.

Student Awards/Scholarships/ Internship Received

  • Internship: 
    Student obtained Internship at Rushmere Community Development Corp.
  • Full time employment: 
    Graduate obtained full time employment at NASA’s Configuration Control Center in Hampton.
  • Further Study: 
    Graduate was accepted to BS Architecture program at Virginia Tech, Fall 2019. Graduate was accepted to BS Construction Management Engineering Technology at NSU.