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NSU Website

Who Edits the NSU Website?

Each departmental website is assigned a NSU Website Content Editor and Contributor by the department head.  These assigned Editors and Contributors are responsible for ensuring their website is up to date and accurate. 


These Editors and Contributors are not able to send requests for websites they have no authority over.  Please check the list above to ensure you are sending your request to the correct Editor or Contributor.


Meetings are for the purpose of discussion and/or training.  No edits or changes will be made during these meetings unless it is a scheduled training session and the Editor or Contributor are making them.  Permissions will also not be set or adjusted.  Please see:  Making Requests



NSU Website Content Editors and Contributors may log into the Norfolk State University Content Management System by using this link:  

  • Kentico Login or typing:
  • Please login with your NSU Userid/Password.  

Percussion CM1, the previous NSU Content Management system will be available until the end of December 2018. If you need access, please contact Debbie Jones