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Non-degree seeking students are persons who are not pursuing a degree at Norfolk State University. Students who were not accepted as first-year, transfer, or graduate students are not eligible for non-degree status. Non-degree students can take a maximum of 29 credit hours at the undergraduate level and a maximum of 9 credit hours at the graduate level. Eligible non-degree-seeking students are required to meet with the department head for each course in which they would like to register. Non-degree international students must submit a copy of TOEFL scores or a transcript showing completion of at least 3 semester hours of college-level English with a grade of “C” or better. A $25 non-refundable application fee is required.

Students on academic or disciplinary suspension and not eligible to apply as a non-degree-seeking student. Financial aid is not available for non-degree students except for those seeking teacher certification. Non-degree students will not be considered as candidates for a degree or certificate until all admissions requirements are met and an application for enrollment is made and approved through the Office of Admissions. The coursework cannot be used for admission to undergraduate or graduate degree programs at NSU.