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The Dean of Students Office investigates and resolves complaints against Norfolk State University students and student organizations. The complaint must indicate a possible violation of the Code of Student Conduct

A new law passed in the state of Virginia on July 1, 2022 - Adam's Law.  It focuses on hazing prevention for all colleges in Virginia (public and private).  The law is named in memory of VCU student Adam Oakes, who died in February 2011.

Highlights include the following:

*Mandatory, in-person hazing prevention training for current members, new members, potential new members, and advisors of any student organization with a new member process.

*Disciplinary immunity for certain individuals who make hazing reports.

*Beginning with the 2022-2023 academic year, maintain and publicly report actual findings of violations of the institution's code of conduct or of federal or state laws pertaining to hazing to campus authorities or local law enforcement.

In accordance with Adams Law, reports that result in actual findings of violations will be available at and

Adam's Law Full Text - 

To report hazing incidents, use the following link: or

  • For complaints against faculty, contact the respective department chair.
  • Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss resolution options.  

In accordance with VAC 40-31-100 of the Virginia Administrative Code, the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) is responsible for investigating all written and signed student complaints against post-secondary educational institutions in Virginia, once a student has exhausted all available grievance procedures at the University. Please review the attached link for additional information:   SCHEV Student Complaints.

Student Complaints
For unresolved complaints concerning an incident involving the University, contact the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) at (804) 371-2285. The SCHEV student complaint process may be found at SCHEV Student Complaints website.