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Our Partners

Core Institutes

NSU-logo.png   Norfolk State University (NSU)

NSU is the lead institution for the SCENE and will facilitate hands-on and on-site training, education, and research activities. Norfolk State University is one of largest HBCU’s in the U.S. and has unique access to URM populations through its HBCU status, and its membership in the Washington, Baltimore, Hampton Roads Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (WBHR-LSAMP) coalition. NSU will advocate for The SCENE to other WBHR-LSAMP schools, and to the broader HBCU community.  NSU has a state of the art nanotechnology facility, featuring a 6,000 sq. ft., class-100/1000 cleanroom. This nanotechnology facility is fully capable of fabrication, characterization, and testing of nanoscale materials and devices.

PennState-logo.pngPennsylvania State University (PSU)

PSU is a core institution, and is host for The Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU). CNEU has an impressive record of accomplishment in the production of comprehensive tools for nanotechnology education, training, and research. In 2009 CNEU piloted the Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN) Network service, which provides web access to state-of-the-art characterization and processing tools to enable access for remotely located schools, colleges and universities. RAIN has already hosted over 100 remote access (RA) sessions with ~2,000 students in attendance. In the past year alone, RAIN hosted over 60 RA sessions with almost 1,300 students. CNEU will work with NSU to integrate these proven learning modules in SCENE products, thereby providing a jump-start to the overall network activities.

TCC-logo.pngTidewater Community College (TCC)

TCC, located in four campuses across the Hampton Roads community, is a core institution. TCC has a critical role in reaching a broad range of users, including access to underserved populations and military veterans. TCC also boasts strong links to high-tech industry stakeholders with workforce training needs. TCC will participate in the development and implementation of nanotechnology-infused curricula in collaboration with NSU and PSU, and facilitate the successful transfer of training modules into their STEM educational programs. TCC will also promote SCENE-facilitated internship opportunities to their students and faculty.