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Graduation Rates and Retention Rates

The University tracks graduation rates based on the percentage of first-time, full-time students who received a degree within six years or 150% of normal time to completion.  The graduation rate for the Fall 2013 cohort was 36 percent. The 2019-2025 Strategic Plan outlines the threshold for achievement relative to graduation rates; the University's goal was to increase the six-year graduation rate to 42 percent by 2018.

To increase six-year graduation rates, the University (1) increased financial aid to juniors and seniors, (2) expanded accelerated degree completion options for high demand programs in nursing, allied health, and business, and (3) increased the number of scholarships for low and middle income students. The University also established a male-focused academic initiative to decrease the gender disparity in graduation rates. The percentage of full-time, first-time male students who began their studies in Fall 2011 and received a degree within six years was 34 percent compared to 43 percent for female students.

Six-Year Graduation Rates

Cohort Year

6-Year Graduation Rate












Source: Norfolk State University Fact Book 2013-2017