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Thrust 1: Fundamental Investigation of New Quantum Materials

Thrust 1 Leader: Dr. Doyle Temple
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Brief description of objectives and measurements

Cobalt monosilicide (CoSi) crystalizes in a chiral structure in the P213 space group. Recently, Shubnikov-de Haas (SdH) oscillations are measured AT NHMFL using the contactless-conductivity method. A coil comprising 10 turns of  46-gauge high-conductivity copper wire is wound about the single-crystal sample. The coil forms part of a proximity detector oscillator circuit.

Thrust 1 -Measurement

Trust 1-National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 

Thrust 2: Investigation of Quantum Plasmonics for Sensing and Reaction Control

Thrust 2 Leader: Dr. Natalia Noginova

Plasmonic lasers operating in weak and strong coupling regimes

In this effort, we will study a variety of plasmonic and cavity based nanoscopic lasers and strongly coupled spontaneous emission sources, looking for signatures of coherence, Bose-Einstein condensation and polaritonic lasing.

Thrust 2-Plasmonic lasers operating in weak and strong coupling regimes


Exploring Effects of Spin Angular Momentum Transfer from Light to Matter

(a) Electric fields and direction of rotation in SPP propagating at the metal-dielectric interface(b) Torque t and effective forces associated with SAM absorption in a non-magnetic material; (c) Possible scenario when SAM absorption torque results in electron spin polarization instead of effective spin forces.

Thrust 2-Plasmonic lasers operating in weak and strong coupling regimes

Thrust 3: Investigation of Quantum Device Manufacturing Technology

Thrust 3 Leader: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon

Quantum Dot Based Sensor Development

The goal of this work to fabricate a detector using e-beam lithography process that can be utilized through multiple bands of the IR spectrum, on various substrate systems.  Additionally, we can explore the effects of flexible (organic) substrates on device behavior.

Thrust 3-Quantum Dot Based Sensor Development

Fabrication of Nanoarray Electrodes for Functional Brain Imaging

Functional Brain Imaging