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Digital and Video Message Displays

In a continual effort to promote Norfolk State University academic activities, programs, services, special events, etc., to the University community and the surrounding region, the University has implemented a scrolling message board/marquee located on the corner of Brambleton and Park Avenues, Majestic Avenue and Middle Towne Crescent and a video message display system located in the Communications Tower. Criteria for posting messages will be based on the posts’ newsworthiness. In the event of a dispute regarding the newsworthiness of a message, the Vice President for University Advancement or his/her designee will make the decision on the appropriateness of message content for the marquee. All messages must be relevant to University business and or public service announcements that affect the surrounding communities including the city of Norfolk and/or other Hampton Roads communities.  

Guidelines for Submitting a Message

University agencies wishing to post messages on the marquee will send the messages via email ( or some other electronic method to the Office of Communications and Marketing. The following guidelines will apply:

  • Messages MUST be submitted via email or another electronic method (a message pasted into the body of an email is acceptable). General announcements, including academic dates and major events such as nationally known speakers, author signings, commencement, etc., will be posted on the marquee.
  • Messages must be timely. No post-event messages will be accepted.
  • Congratulatory messages will be accepted for University-wide outstanding achievements.
  • Messages will run for five days leading up to the event and then be deleted from the system.
  • During major promotions of certain special events, messages may be posted for up to three weeks, deleted and/or re-posted.  
  • Personal information and/or messages, i.e., birthdays, deaths, birth announcements, etc. will NOT be posted. Personal congratulatory messages will not be posted.
  • Advertisements and/or notices not related to the University will not be posted.  
  • Commercial promotion of outside vendors is not allowed.
  • Athletic announcements will be allowed including national externally-sponsored sporting events announcements, home intercollegiate games, etc.