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SpartanBucks is a prepaid-stored-value account that is part of your SpartanCard.  These are funds that you add to your SpartanCard via financial aid funds or through your own personal bank or credit accounts. It is the convenient, cashless way to pay for purchases on and off campus. The campus area's most popular business accepts SpartanBucks. SpartanBucks never expire and can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Dining dollars are funds, which come with residential and commuter meal plans. Dining Dollars can only be used on campus at NSU Dining Services locations, including C-Stores.

Dining Dollars cannot be added and are only available through the purchase of a meal plan. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester and cannot be carried forward to the next semester. For pricing and additional information please visit Dining Services.


Residential meal plans are designed to accommodate the various needs of students living on campus. Residential meal plans give you the option of having a set number of meals for the week or an unrestricted number of meals for the semester. Residents living on campus are required to have a meal plan and it is accessed through your University ID card (SpartanCard). - Additional Information

Each time you use a meal it is subtracted from your balance. Meals do not carry over from week to week and the meal plans reset every Monday Morning.


Commuter Meal plans are available to commuter students and NSU Faculty and Staff. Commuter meal plans are created specifically to give you a better dining value when you use the meal plan instead of paying cash to eat.

For your dining convenience and flexibility, you will be able to use the meal plan on your SpartanCard once you have purchased a meal plan for the semester. Meal plans start on the first day of classes and end on the last day of the academic semester. Meal plans can not be carried over to the following semesters. Commuter meal plans are non-refundable. - Additional Information