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Clery Notice

Providing the Annual Security Report to Prospective Students and Employees

Norfolk State University must make our Annual Safety & Security Campus Report available to prospective employees we interview by providing prospective employees with the following information:

  • Norfolk State University’s Annual Safety & Security Campus Report is available at
  • It is the purpose of the Safety & Security Campus Report to inform the University Community about campus security policies/procedures and provide information on police/security support services and programs. These services have been developed to encourage an environment supportive of education, research, and special activities. The department encourages all members of the community to follow the suggestions in this booklet, as it will greatly reduce the risk of victimization. Safety and security are personal and shared responsibilities. Effective prevention and reduction of crime require the community's help, support, and cooperation.
  • A paper copy of the Norfolk State University Annual Safety & Security Campus Report may be requested by contacting Norfolk State University Police Department at 757-823-8102.