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Student Activities & Leadership

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership's mission, in collaboration with faculty and staff, is to enhance the out-of-classroom experience and learning for an ethnically and culturally diverse NSU student population by providing a comprehensive educationally purposeful Student Activities program to include intellectual, cultural, social, and leadership; management and advisement of student publications and organizations. 


  • Do you have an idea for an event? Stop by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership on the 3rd floor of the Student Center
  • Make sure your student organization is registered for the up-coming academic year.


Student Center
The Norfolk State University Student Center is widely known as the "hub" of the Spartan Campus Experience by providing social, recreational, cultural, leadership and educational services and programs that play a huge part of each student’s academic experience.

Student Government Association
We, the Student Government Association of Norfolk State University, in order to foster greater unity and cooperation between Administration, the Board of Visitors, and the student body at large, will maintain an atmosphere conducive to high scholastic achievement, prepare ourselves to face the challenges of the future and provide beneficial activities. 

Commuter Student Services
Commuter Student Services contributes directly and indirectly to the enhancement of the educational experience of all undergraduate commuter students at Norfolk State University. We seek to help you, the commuter student, become an active participant in campus life so that your experience at Norfolk State University is truly satisfying and enriching.