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Dr. Russell

Dr. Erica RussellErica Russell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Brown Hall, Room 216.10
Phone: 757-823-2228

Expertise: Licensed Psychologist, previously certified and licensed in counseling.  Her doctoral studies were completed in Counseling Psychology at Howard University with a subspecialty in clinical child, adolescent, and family work; case management for populations placed at risk including individuals and families who were homeless or in supportive housing programs and living with physical and mental illnesses. 

Interests: Traditionally underserved and marginalized groups; Unique experiences of First Generation College Graduates and professionals; Black women, with special emphasis on Black professional women, Black women college students, and the Strong Black Woman Stereotype.

Courses Taught: Developmental; Careers in psych; African-American psychology

Additional Information: Her APA-accredited Clinical Child and Adolescent internship was completed at Applewood Centers, Inc. a community mental health center in Cleveland, Ohio and involved therapy, assessment, and clinical research with intensive training in differential diagnosis and mood disorders.  Her postdoctoral clinical residency was completed at a private therapeutic day school in the DC metropolitan area

Curriculum Vitae