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About Us

What is the Residence Hall Association (RHA)?

RHA is a representative group of students, with elected officers. Membership is open to the entire NSU residential community. We strive to support our mission of Residence Life, take action to improve the quality of life, and foster community ownership and pride. RHA hears the concerns of residents and works to address those concerns by utilizing community resources to plan activities, purchase items, promote community respect and accountability, and establish clear and consistent communication among appropriate members of the living community. As a result, RHA empowers residents to stay informed and invested in the development of their community and serves as a leadership opportunity for students.

Why Should I get Involved in RHA?

When you become a member of RHA you will:

  • Develop skills that will enhance your leadership potential.
  • Develop and practice communication skills as a group/team member.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to promote positive change in your community.
  • Develop the abilities, including planning, advertising, and evaluating events needed to implement effective programs.
  • Learn and practice setting team expectations and the ability to hold other group members accountable to their specific responsibilities.
  • Advocate for change in your residence hall community.
  • Develop relationships with other residents in your hall community.
  • Develop in accordance to resident's social, educational, service and cultural programming interest for your hall community.
  • Serve as a liaison to and build relationships with campus administrators.

What are the RHA Positions?

The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Assistant Secretary, National Communications Chair, Business Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Committee Head, Public Relations Chair, and Parliamentarian
Building Representatives: Hall Representatives oversee all the activity within their Residence Hall.
Below is there Duties:

  • All Hall Reps MUST attend all scheduled or call meetings.
  • All Hall Reps MUST attend at least ONE Executive Board Meeting.
  • Hall Reps are responsible for promotion of all events in your residence hall.
  • Hall Reps should communicate closely with your Resident Assistants (RA) and your Graduate Assistant (GA).
  • Hall Reps should communicate regularly with the President, Vice-President and the advisor.
  • Hall Reps are required to host building meetings regularly to address any problems within the hall. Please co-inside with your GA, RA, and Building Head when hosting these meetings.