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Printing Services FAQ Questions

1. How to start a request?
A completed Work Order/Waiver form is to be submitted to so that an accurate quote can be generated based on the specs that you provided.

2. How do I place an order?
A completed Work Order/Waiver form with a purchase order number on it and an approved file should be sent to

3. What file format do you prefer for submitted print jobs?
The file format when submitting an order can be jpg or pdf.

4. I have a file too large to submit or email, what is the best way to get it to you?
Send large files via the University’s One Drive to or bring a flash drive with your project to Printing Services in the James A Bowser Building, Suite 115.

5. How long will it take to complete my request for printing, copying and/or binding?
Project can be ready for pickup in 24-48 hours depending on scope of job. Large projects are usually completed 7-14 business days however, that depends on the scope of your project. The completions of projects on specified turnaround times are contingent upon the scope of project, agreed upon method of payment which includes: cash, check, Purchase order numbers and Spartan Card.

6. How will I be contacted when my job is complete and ready for pick-up?
An email will be sent to the job requestor to inform of job completion.

7. What if I want to use an off-campus vendor for my printing?
Printing Services and VCE has first right of refusal.  Printing Services must be contacted and all Procurement policies must be adhered to before an off-campus vendor can be obtained.

8. What are the standard paper colors in Printing Services?
Printing services only stocks white colored paper. Other paper colors are available upon request.

9. Do you have a price list of things that can be requested?
Printing Services has a price list that can be provided upon request.

10. Is your pricing competitive?
Yes, Printing Services has made price comparison with other vendors (Officemax Copy Center, Fedex, and UPS) as well as local offset printers.

11. Can students utilize the services of the print shop?
Students can utilize services at Printing Services using cash or Spartan Card.

12. Where is the print shop located?
Printing Services is located in the James A Bowser Building, Suite 115.