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Spartan Seminar Series

The Spartan Seminar Series (SEM 101, 102, 201) are required general education courses that focuses on assisting students in making a successful transition to college-life and making positive career connections early on in their academic career. 

SEM 101:  The course will explore overall building blocks for students’ personal growth and development through academic success strategies and campus resource awareness so they can reach their academic and personal goals.

Goals are:

  • To provide support for students’ transition and connection to the campus community, which involve institution’s expectations and resource awareness.
  • To provide academic success tools that are critical to student academic performance.
  • To engage students in self-initiated, autonomous learning through self-regulatory strategies.

SEM 102:  This course will provide information on discipline-based concepts for students’ academic program and major choices.

Goals are:

  • To relate knowledge of personal skills and goals with majors exploration and career choices.
  • To explain the relationship between academic plans, degree completion, and career choices.
  • To share the value of developing skills required for today’s workforce.

SEM 201:  This course will introduce students to social science research methodologies and ethnographic techniques by investigating various workplace practices, norms, and customs so students can make informed decisions about their major and career paths.

Goals are:

  • To provide a contextualized understanding of the workplace though observation.
  • To apply analytical and critical thinking skills to course activities.