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Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College Programs

The Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College has three component programs:  the prestigious Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences (DNIMAS) Science Honors Program for selected math and science majors; the Alison J. and Ella W. Parsons General Honors Program for all majors; and the Discipline-Specific Honors Programs currently available for students in History; Psychology; Interdisciplinary Studies; Technology; Nursing; Health Services Management; Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science; Social Work; and Business.

Senior Fellows of The Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College

Senior Fellows will be NSU faculty members, NSU administrators or members of the larger Hampton Roads community whose primary function will be to help raise funds for and awareness of the Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College and to support its goals actively and enthusiastically.