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Crime and Prevention


Crime Prevention

Access to Campus Facilities
With the exception of the residence halls, most of the University’s campus facilities operate under an open concept, allowing freedom of movement for members of the Norfolk State University community. The campus and residence halls are patrolled 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In addition, police and security officers check buildings regularly.

Crime Prevention
For information regarding how to report a crime, contact University Police at (757) 823-8102. As part of its crime prevention efforts, Norfolk State University Police Department provides seminars on a variety of topics, as well as promote safety projects, which include: Operation Identification, Operation Bookmark, Click It or Ticket (National Campaign), Child Safety Seat Awareness, Take Back the Night Campaign (National Night Out Event), Distracted Driving Awareness, Safety Survey and Statistical information on critical safety and security measures, poster campaigns, and the distribution of brochures and safety fliers.

Crime Prevention Education
Norfolk State University Police Department is “Community Policing Oriented” and uses a variety of crime prevention methods that also serve as early intervention programs. The department’s belief is that the key to preventing crime is “awareness and educational programs.”

In collaboration with Student Affairs, Residential Life and Housing, New Student Orientation and the University’s Counseling Center, the police department provides safety seminars and educational programs by police officers throughout the year. The programs and seminars presented include Drugs/Alcohol, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Rape Prevention, Substance Abuse, and Campus Safety and Security. Special sessions are held during freshman orientation to familiarize new students with campus law and personal safety on and off campus.

The Department continues to proactively approach crime prevention through community policing efforts designed to enhance personal safety and help campus community members develop self-esteem, which contributes to a healthy community. All officers will continue to focus on crime prevention and early intervention programs on campus and throughout the surrounding communities.


The police department is available to assist campus departments and community organizations in planning, presenting and coordinating activities and programs. Below are some of the programs presented by the Norfolk State University Police Department.

Dead Battery
Parking Services Motorist Assistance Service is free of charge. The Parking Services Office is located in the main lobby area of the police department and can be contacted at 757. 823. 2211 Fax 757. 823. 8585

Officer Next Door Program
A program in which police officers are assigned to residence halls to enforce housing regulations, and state and local laws, as well as to report safety hazard conditions. The officers are “eyes and ears” in the residence halls. The officers are involved in the safety and security surveys of the campus buildings and grounds, crime prevention seminars, problem solving, customer service, distribution of campus safety and security literature.

Operation Bike Patrol
A program, which promotes an atmosphere of closeness within the campus and the surrounding communities. Bike patrol officers are able to respond to areas that are not accessible to an officer in a patrol car. It enables officers to respond quickly to calls for service.

Operation Civic League
​Police Officers attend monthly civic league meetings in the surrounding communities to develop positive and healthy relationships with community members and to exchange concerns and ideas as well as assist with problem solving.

Operation Identification/Bookmark
A program designed to reduce theft on the campus. It involves engraving property with a unique identifier so that property can be easily returned if lost or stolen.

Operation Partnership
A program developed to enhance a working relationship with local schools, churches, and other agencies. In this working environment police officers serve as mentors, crime prevention/safety facilitators and liaisons with the surrounding community.

Operation Streetlight
A program designed to reduce crime on the Norfolk State University Campus by increasing illumination. It involves marking blown out streetlights and walkway lights and referrals for bulb replacement (work orders are sent to physical plant for immediate replacement).

Operation Student Assistance
Students are assisted during a “meet and greet” program that promotes interaction between the police officers, parents, and students as they move into the residence halls throughout the campus community.

Student Spartan Patrol / Spartan Escort Service
This service operates Mondays through Thursdays - 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The Spartan Patrol/Escort Service may be requested by calling 823-9492 or 823-8102.

An organization of uniformed student safety officers who perform as the police department's “eyes and ears.” They are in existence to enhance safety and security and provide nighttime pedestrian escort services and are assigned to foot patrol details for faculty, staff and visitors. The students are equipped with their own radio frequency. The Spartan Patrol also check the interior of buildings for safety mishaps. All building checks and escorts are transmitted to the student dispatcher and are recorded on a daily log sheet. The Spartan Patrol are assigned to traffic and building details during athletic events and student activities. They are trained and supervised by the Norfolk State University Police Department.

A Spartan Patrol/Escort must be 18 years of age, a full time student, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above. Fifty percent of the salary is automatically deposited into the students’ account for the payment of tuition and fees and the balance is their net-pay.

Students are encouraged to use the escort service. During the past year, over 200 calls were received for pedestrian escort. The services rendered by the students of the Spartan Patrol/Escort service has played an important part in increased visibility in buildings and on the grounds during the most demanding hours for services on the campus. Providing this vital service is a proactive measure of preventing crime against persons on the grounds and in our campus buildings.