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About the NSU Innovation Center

The new Norfolk State University Innovation Center - On the Main (NSUIC) is designed and developed to support an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hampton Roads through collaboration with the city of Norfolk and other cities in Hampton Roads, Small Business Association (SBA), and other entrepreneurial related organizations. Partnerships and collaboration are the core of the center’s approach to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the city of Norfolk. The center’s immediate purpose will serve as a business incubator to develop business competitiveness, jobs creation, investment opportunities, infrastructural improvements, global inclusion and participation within the Hampton Roads community. 

Essentially the center will be the hub where business knowledge and cutting-edge information as it relates to the economy, business trends and the latest research are disseminated through leading technology. NSUIC will offer the 21st-century business and entrepreneur four core supportive services:

  • Events & Business Forums – functioning as an inclusive and accessible location addressing the needs of the start-up and small business while fostering a networking system for hosting and co-hosting forums that will serve as a venue for shared knowledge and brainstorming events.  
  • Co-working Platform – assisting small businesses by providing the amenities to increase the impact of their enterprise and strengthen their scope as contributors to the local economy.
  • Startup Training – providing entrepreneurs with a disciplined approach to entrepreneurship including customer discovering, problem-solving, product developing and launching a business. 
  • Partnerships & Collaboration – working to encourage and sustain innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering relationships the right relationships is key. The goal is to partner with corporates and entrepreneurs for reasons such as funding, expertise, networking, and innovation. 


NSUIC - on the Main helps startups launch and grow. We are an incubator and accelerator. NSUIC supports startups and entrepreneurs with coworking and office space, meeting and event space. NSUIC connects startups with other entrepreneurs, resources, learning and networking events in Norfolk. 

Accountability and mentoring are necessary for the growth of new and current clients at NSUIC. Mentors and established entrepreneurs in the Hampton Roads and nearby regions will come and present in the incubator program and coworking space. NSUIC will bring in speakers on a periodic basis to present to current clients and the startup community. Such guest speakers would include lawyers, accountants, marketing experts and HR experts.