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External Partners

NNSA K-20 Consortium

Norfolk State University is collaborating with Allen University, Benedict College, Bowie State Unuversity, Claflin College, Charleston County School District, Clark Atlanta, Denmark Technical College, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Morris College, North Carolina A&T University, Paine College, Sandia National Laboratories, University of the Virgin Islands and Voorhees College to create a cybersecurity workforce pipeline.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Norfolk State University is assisting the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR) with the developing and enhancement of their Master’s degree in cybersecurity.

Israeal Charles Norcom High School

Norfolk State University IA-REDI established a cybersecurity club at Israel Charles High School, Portsmouth Virginia, in October of 2013. The cybersecurity club mentor is Mr. Daron Moore and IA-REDI faculty and students provide mentorship and guidance.

University of Idaho Center for Secure and Dependable Computing

Three IA-REDI faculty members are alumni of the University of Idaho Center for Secure and Dependable Computing (CSDS). As a result, NSU IA-REDI maintains close ties with CSDS. CSDS assisted IA-REDI with center designation and with obtaining their SFS grant.

National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security

As a National Security Agency (NSA)/Department of Homeland Security(DHS) Center of Academic Excellence (CAE), NSU partners with these agencies. The NSA SEAL liaison to NSU is Mr. Bryant Frazier. The DHS ACE liaison is Michael SNELL.