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Layout for Fabrication and Characterization

 10,000 square foot facility including Class-100/1000 cleanroom and characterization space. Cleanroom is programmed for state of the art photolithography, metals and thin film deposition, wet and dry etch and capability of nano characterization.
20 Students can be trained at the same time in the Cleanroom.

Top row:  4, 3 6. Bottom row: 5, 2, 1

  • Bay-1 Thim Film

  • Bay-2 Photo-lithography

  • Bay-3 Plasma Etach

  • Bay-4 On/Off line Training

  • Bay-5 Testing/Inspection

  • Bay-6 Wet/Chemical Facilities

Class 100/1000 (ISO Class 5/6) Cleanroom with full microfabrication tools for Nano/micro-electronics, MEMS and bio-medical devices fabrication. It contains 6” wafer handling capability from standard nanofabrication processing to packaging and characterization


  • Thermal Evaporator
  • E-beam Evaporator
  • DC sputtering
  • RF sputtering
  • PE CVD

Thermal Processing

  • Furnaces: Thermal oxidation and material curing
  • Rapid Thermal Processor : Rapid thermal annealing and low temperature growth process
  • Ovens : Heating and curing of materials


  • Wet processing benches
  • RIE


  • Ellipsometry
  • Profilometry
  • TEM

Equipment STATUS