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Faculty Senate Committees

The Executive Committee shall be the Committee on Committees for the Senate. It shall be composed of the officers of the Senate, the heads of the standing committees, Executive Council members, the immediate past President, and an ex officio representative from AAUP. It shall review and approve the agenda for each meeting and serve as Senate liaison with the administration. (Updated 01/2020)


  • Ashley Haines ​(President)
  • James Curiel​ (Assistant Secretary) 
  • John Kamiru (Treasurer)
  • Anne Fernando (State Faculty Senate Representative, Past President)
  • Ron Thomas (Constitution & Bylaws Chair, AAUP representative, ex officio)​ ​
  • ​Beatrice Darden-Woody (Grievance Committee Chair)
  • Angela Goodloe (Elections & Nominations Chair)
  • Rasah Morsi (Handbook Committee Chair, Executive Council Member)
  • Geoffrey de Laforcade (Executive Council member)
  • ​Colita Fairfax (Executive Council member)​ ​

Faculty Senate Standing Committees Membership List

At the start of each Fall semester, a survey will be distributed to all faculty members inviting their participation on Faculty Senate Standing Committees. The FS Executive Committee then meets in late September/early October to recommend the make-up of the committees and their chairs, based on those who volunteered to serve.  The committee list is then submitted to the full senate for approval by majority vote.  By October 15th of each year, the committee membership list should be made public.

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall maintain an up-to-date edition of the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws, based on changes voted by the Senate and / or the Faculty at large, and forward appropriate recommendations for revision to the Faculty Senate for action.  


  • Joe D'Silva, Biology
  • Ronald Thomas, Psychology
  • Sujan Pant, Mathematics
  • Josephine Stanley-Brown, School of Business
  • Aylin Marz, Biology
  • V R Dondeti, School of Business
  • Stephanie Richmond, History and interdisciplinary studies
  • Angela Goodloe, School of Education

  • The Elections and Nominations Committee, The Elections and Nominations Committee, by April 15 of each year, shall plan and coordinate the annual election of officers of the Faculty Senate, four faculty representatives to the Executive Council who serve for two years with overlapping terms, and representatives to State Faculty Senate.


  • Ronald Thomas, Psychology
  • Patrick Mbajekwe, History and interdisciplinary studies
  • Felisa Smith, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Samuel Olatunbosun, Computer Science
  • Angela Goodloe, School of Education

The Faculty Evaluation Policies and Procedures Committee shall monitor and make recommendations for changes in the annual faculty review process and procedures. This committee will meet as the Senate deems necessary.


  • Sharon Alston, Social Work 
  • Jonathan Graham, Computer Science
  • Matthew Russell, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Lydia Figueroa, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Josephine Stanley-Brown, School of Business
  • Maila Brucal-Hallare, Mathematics
  • Beatrice Darden-Woody, Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science
  • Christopher Head, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Angela Goodloe, School of Education

The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee shall review, make recommendations, and maintain (in appropriate format) changes approved at all levels of the University governance, related to information outlined in the Teaching Faculty Handbook. This committee shall also periodically review the Teaching Faculty Handbook.


  • Beatrice Darden-Woody, Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science
  • Stephanie Hawks, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Joseph C Hall, Chemistry
  • Dr. Marilyn Lewis, School of Social Work
  • Mamie L. Johnson, English and Foreign Languages
  • Keesha Kerns, School of Education
  • Alicia Moore, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Ashley Haines, Biology
  • Rasha Morsi, Computer Science
  • John Kamiru, School of Business
  • Matthew Russell, Visual and Performing Arts

  • The Faculty Status and Welfare Advisory Committee shall review and make policy recommendations related to faculty appointment, tenure, promotion, salary, fringe benefits, and related matters. The committee will provide assistance to faculty members seeking advice in respect to filing grievance within the University. The Committee will also address issues related to shared governance, including assisting with interpretation of University policies and procedures as needed. This committee also serves as liaison with the AAUP representative on campus. This committee will meet as the Senate deems necessary. 


  • Cathy M. Jackson, Mass Communications and Journalism
  • Charles Ford, History and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Joy Cooley-Doles, Psychology
  • V R Dondeti, School of Business
  • Sharon Alston, Social Work
  • Felisa Smith, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Yen-Hung Hu, Computer Science
  • Seungyeon Park, School of Education

  • The Faculty Grievance Committee (per the 2018 Teaching Faculty Handbook)

8.7.3 Faculty Senate Grievance Committee: Composition of the Committee: The primary vehicle for processing formal faculty grievances is the Faculty Senate Grievance Committee, which shall consist of five (5) full-time, tenured faculty members. The Faculty Senate President or his/her appointee serves as an ex officio member, serving as an adviser to the committee. The committee composition will be announced and posted on the Faculty Senate webpage. Elections and Terms of Service: Each college or school will elect a committee member in August. Colleges will hold elections in odd years, and schools on even years, allowing for the staggering of members’ service. Members will serve two consecutive years, commencing September 1 and ending on August 31 of the second year thereafter, and can be re-elected for another two years. The committee will elect a chair during its first meetings in the  month of September. If a vacancy in a position on the committee occurs during midterm, a new election will take place to identify a new college or school representative. The individual designated to fill the position shall serve until the expiration of the original term. Members of the committee shall make diligent efforts to attend all meetings of the committee. The committee may declare vacant the position of a member who is absent from two (2) committee meetings during the course of a year.

College of Science Engineering and Technology: Arthur Bowman (
Colleg of Liberal Arts: Cathy Jackson (
School of Business: Jean-Marie Banette (
School of Education: Beatrice Darden-Woody, Chair (
School of Social Work: Colita Fairfax (