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Felicia Doswell

Dr. Felicia Doswell Felicia Doswell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Tel: 757-823-9453
Room: RTC 320 L

Dr. Felicia Doswell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Norfolk State University. Dr. Doswell holds a B.S. from Norfolk State University, a M.S. from Georgia Tech, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, all in Computer Science. Her education is complemented by over five years of research and development experience. She was an Assistant Professor at Virginia State University in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science prior to joining the Department of Computer Science at Norfolk State University in 2005.

Dr. Doswell has technical research interests in the areas of information assurance, networking and human computer interaction. She currently investigates security in cloud computing environments, forensic analysis solutions for mobile devices, and usable security solutions to enhance human interaction while maintaining privacy of information for all users of computing technology.

Dr. Doswell also participates in research efforts to address the challenges of increasing digital access and engaging all users in trustworthy computing practices. Her activities include graduate and undergraduate curriculum development, advising graduate students in research projects, conducting workshops to educate users on secure computing, and engaging undergraduate students in research to encourage pursuit of graduate education and to increase the number of underrepresented participants in computing.

Her work with the National Science Foundation (NSF) BPC Alliance for the Advancement of African Americans in Computing (A4RC), support of the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) initiatives, and recruitment and retention efforts on her campus demonstrate her commitment to ensure that computing education is accessible to all.

Research Interests:
     •   Data Privacy
     •   Digital Forensics
     •   Usable Security
     •   Mobile Device Security
     •   Secure Cloud Computing
     •   Artificial Intelligence
     •   Computer Science Education

Courses Taught:
     •   CSC170 Computer Programming I
     •   CSC170L Computer Programming I Lab
     •   CSC260 Computer Programming II
     •   CSC260L Computer Programming II Lab
     •   CSC360 Interface Design and Implementation
     •   CSC430 Data Communication
     •   CSC464 Operating Systems
     •   CSC470 Artificial Intelligence
     •   CSC477 Advanced Computer Topics (Research Methods)
     •   CSC530 Data Communication
     •   CSC570 Artificial Intelligence
     •   CSC526 Structured Programming
     •   CSC625 Analysis of Algorithms

Curriculum Vitae