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Documents and Forms

Please take time to review the following documents and forms.

Brand and Visual Identity

An identity system is an important element in an organization. It represents the people, products and services of an organization, and also the reputation it has achieved. The Office of Communications and Marketing is presenting the Norfolk State University Visual Identity Guide.

This webpage serves to promote a consistent professional image of the University to our students, alumni, and the community. Implementing the policies and recommendations of the Visual Identity Guide will strengthen our University’s goal of creating a unified visual identity as an academic institution.

This webpage explains and illustrates the proper use of the logo for practical application and layout in publications. The new identity system replaces previous graphics and symbols used by various departments and offices at the University. The Athletics division of the University has its own logo system, but is encouraged to use the University identity system when it is applicable.

Marketing Request Form

Please use this job request form for major marketing publications and advertisements.

Photo/Videotape Release Form

A release form is a document that gives the university permission to distribute photos or videos with your image.


Step and Repeat Reservation Form

Please fill out and print off the Step and Repeat form below.  Bring it with you when checking out and turning in the Green or White step and repeat.