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Degree Programs

We offer curricula in drama, fine arts and music which lead to the Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Theatre; the Bachelor of Science in Fine arts; the Master of Science in Fine Arts; the Bachelor of Music in Music Education and the Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Media.

Drama & Theatre
The Division of Drama offers students concentrations in performance and design & technology. Students study performance, directing, design, management, voice, movement and dance to prepare for careers in theatre, television, film and more.

Fine Arts
All  students  majoring  in  the  Fine  Arts  are  required  to  maintain  a  professional  portfolio  that  demonstrates  their  creative development. The portfolio is reviewed at scheduled intervals for advisement purposes. Participation in the “Seniors Gallery Exhibition” and other co-curricular activities scheduled by the Division of Fine Arts  is required of all graduates. Continuous verifiable engagement with the local art community is required by the Division.

The Division  of Music offers one undergraduate degree with two emphases and one graduate degree with three concentrations. The Bachelor of Music in Music Education is designed to prepare teachers of music. The Bachelor of Music with an Emphasis in Media is designed to expand the career preparation of students by providing knowledge, skills, and practical experience central to the needs of the music industry as represented by the broadcast and recording media.