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We See Your Future in Social Work
We see your greatest potential and your motivation to achieve.
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Social Work Programs

Dr. Isiah Marshall Jr., Dean
(757) 823-8648 

The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work provides social work education through its Baccalaureate Social Work (BSW) Program, Master of Social Work (MSW) Program, Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program, and continuing education programs.

Baccalaureate Social Work (BSW)

The focus at the BSW level is on the preparation of all students for a generalist approach to the first level of professional practice. Beginning level practitioners with a generalist perspective and knowledge of social systems recognize that the target for change may not only be the individual, but may be one or more of the social systems that comprise the individual’s environment. 

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Dr. Breshell Jackson-Nevels, MSW Program Director
(757) 823-9236

The Master of Social Work degree program is based on the assumption that social workers should operate from a common base of knowledge, philosophy, values, and skills. The program is designed to transmit these basic components through a solid foundation of core and concentration courses. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (Ph.D)

The Ph.D. Program in Social Work prepares students for leadership roles in social work, social welfare and in the field of family centered social work practice as educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators, and policy analysts. 


The School of Social Work’s Baccalaureate Social Work Program and Master of Social Work Program are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

Continuing Education

Committed to quality social work services and community service

The Continuing Education Program of the School of Social Work is based upon the School's commitment to the delivery of quality social work services and community service. This commitment is based on the awareness that is by sustained participation in professional development that social workers maintain and enhance their competencies.

Also, human service organizations are empowered to respond to change in professional knowledge and in their environment. The Continuing Education Program seeks to provide such opportunities to multi-level groups in a flexible and consumer responsive manner grounded in adult learning principles.

Field Education 

BSW Field Students on the Move

Field Education is the “heart of social work education” and is vital for preparation of future professional social workers. It is what many experts believe the life blood of social work education, and its signature pedagogy “guided experiential learning” experience. The field learning program connects the theoretical and conceptual contributions of the classroom with the practice setting, fostering the implementation of evidence-informed practice. The purpose of field is to provide, through the community-agency-school relationship, practice opportunities with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.

We currently have over 100 community-partner agencies in the Hampton-Roads area, and 80 students in field practicum. Our students are involved in diverse activities in the agencies; and we will spot light students in our field agencies beginning January through May, the theme is “BSW Field Students on the Move”. BSW Field students should contact the BSW Field Director for more information.

Child Welfare

The Child Welfare Stipend Program (CWSP) is a partnership between the Virginia Department of Social Services and four state universities within Virginia (Radford University, Norfolk State University, George Mason University, and Virginia Commonwealth University). This specialized training program, funded through title IV-E of the Social Security Act, prepares BSW and MSW students for a career in child welfare.