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Housing Fines

Building Fines

  • Pulling the Fire Alarm (non-emergency): Disciplinary Action - Subject to Arrest, Eviction, and Expulsion
  • Use of Fire Exit Door (non-emergency): $300.00
  • Graffiti Cleaning Cost: $100.00 + Cost of Cleaning
  • Theft/Use of Fire Safety Equipment (Including Fire Alarms): $300.00
  • Repair of Walls: $50.00 + Cost of Repair

Room Fines

  • Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (first offense): $25.00
  • Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (second offense): $50.00 + Mandatory Class
  • Unsanitary Living/Dirty room (third offense): $100.00 or End of Semester Charge
  • The $100.00 fine may be applied during the first offense if the room conditions are severely unsanitary and/or dirty.
  • Co-ed Visitation Violation: $200.00
  • Repair Hole in Drywall: $50.00 (minimum) + Cost of Repair
  • Throwing Objects out of Window: $100.00 + Disciplinary Action
  • Replace Door Knob: $75.00
  • Replace Mini-Blinds: $50.00
  • Replace Window Screens: $50.00
  • Use of Window as Entrance or Exit to Room: $100.00
  • Smoking in Prohibited Areas: $50.00 + Disciplinary Action
  • Noise (second offense): $25.00
  • Lock-out Key Charge (first offense): $10.00
  • Lock-out Key Charge (second offense): $25.00
  • Replace Lost Key: $75.00
  • Replace Lock due to Lost Key: $75.00
  • Alcoholic or Drug Paraphernalia: Disciplinary Action
  • Storage Fee: $75.00
  • Port Damage: $100.00

Fire Code Violations

  • Cooking Appliances/Apparatus: $50.00
  • Unauthorized Microwave: $50.00
  • Extension Cords: $50.00
  • Candles/Incense: $50.00
  • Items Blocking Sprinkler(s) (first offense): $25.00
  • Items Blocking Sprinkler(s) (second offense): $50.00

Fines Incurred During Check Out

  • Dirty room charge: $100.00
  • Improper check-out: $125.00
  • Failure to return room key: $75.00

NOTE: All fines are subject to be added to the student's account without notice. Requests for appeals of these fines will be accepted. Please contact the Residence Life & Housing office for more information.

State Fire Marshal Inspections

All items found to be in violation of the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia and/or Norfolk State University of Virginia Housing Policy will be cited. When a violation is found, a Fire Safety Violation Notice will be left in the room/suite/apartment. This notice outlines the violation and provides the date by which the violation must be corrected. On or after the correction deadline, the State Fire Marshal will re-inspect spaces to verify if cited violations have been corrected. When residents are cited a second time for the same violation by the State Fire Marshal, the Housing Division will bill residents for the violation of the fire & safety inspection.
The following list provides an overview of what the State Fire Marshal will be looking for. This list should not be construed as being all inclusive.

  • Candles (burnt)
  • Excessive trash, clutter or combustibles on the floor of a room
  • Non-compliant room decorations
  • Curtains, flags and pennants hung on the walls that are not flame retardant.
  • Decorative lights hung with metal fasteners, more than three strands of decorative lights plugged in series.
  • Anything suspended from the ceiling
  • Anything suspended from heating pipes
  • Furniture or other belongings that do not allow the door to function properly
  • Non flame retardant paper hung on door surfaces
  • Use of any kind of shoe rack, clothing rack, or other hanging device that is hooked over the room door
  • Appliances that are not in compliance with Housing policy
  • Halogen lamps
  • Storage to close to ceiling/sprinkler head (where applicable)
  • Non-fused multiplying devices (power strips)
  • Power strips connected in a series
  • Use of extension cords
  • Trash, shower caddies, shoes, clothing, gym bags, furniture, bicycles, or any other item blocking the means of egress (hallways, stairwells and/or doorways)
  • Anything stored under an interior or exterior stairwell