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School of Social Work

School of Social Work Graduate Programs

Dr. E. Delores-Dungee-Anderson, Dean (I)

The School’s mission is to provide social work education programs which prepare students with competence to develop and deliver services which strengthen and empower individuals, families, and communities. The School and its programs emphasize the values of social justice, social responsibility, and respect for human rights, dignity, and diversity.

Master of Social Work Program

Valjean Livingston, Ph.D., Admissions Director

Breshell Nevels, Ph.D., Program Director

Fall 2021 Admissions Timetable
The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work will begin screening MSW applications for summer and fall 2021 during December 2020.  We will begin contacting applicants for interviews during the middle of January 2021. Face to face (virtual) interviews will be scheduled during the months of February, March and April of 2021. Admissions decisions will be concluded by April 30, 2021.

General Admissions Information
Full Time and Extended Time Students are admitted in the fall semester only. The application deadline for fall semester admissions is March 1.

Advanced standing students are admitted in the spring and summer terms only.  The deadline for spring admission is October 15, and the deadline for summer submission is February 1.

To meet accreditation guidelines, the School of Social Work requires that supplemental application materials be completed to be considered for the MSW Program.  Information on supplemental materials can be found on the MSW web page:  MSW Admission.

Ph.D. in Social Work

Viola Vaughn-Eden, Ph.D.
(757) 823-8122

The Ph.D. Program prepares students for leadership roles in social work and in the field of family-centered social work practice. Special emphasis is placed on knowledge building for social work practice and service delivery on behalf of diverse, especially African American, families. The program seeks students who are committed to a focus on the family as the unit of attention in research and theory development. The program is unique in its focus on family-centered social work with African American families. It also has integrative seminars designed to help students to connect theory and research, and to develop dissertation ideas and proposals.