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Ernest M. Hodge Institute for Entrepreneurship


"The students entering the Ernest M. Hodge Center for Entrepreneurship now have opportunities that were not available to me when I attended NSU. I am pleased to be in a position to partner with NSU in offering those opportunities" - Ernest M. Hodge

Student Business Plan Competition

Norfolk State University 2019 Hodge Institute for Entrepreneurship
Student Business Plan Competition
Due 4/12/19


A foundational goal of The Ernest M. Hodge Center for Entrepreneurship is the promotion of scholarly research in the fields of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, technological innovation, and small- and family-owned business enterprises. The Center’s research contributes to the improvement of entrepreneurship education, and to a better understanding of factors affecting the formation and growth of new and existing businesses.

Applied Entrepreneurship Teaching and Research Award

The Entrepreneurship Teaching and Research Award (ETRA) has been established by the Hodge Institute for Entrepreneurship to recognize of Norfolk State University Faculty whose teaching and research accomplishments have contributed either to entrepreneurial education and practice, or to the development of new techniques and new products. Each year, the Hodge Institute will sponsor research on issues relating to entrepreneurial education and practice, new production techniques, and new product development.

League of Entrepreneurs

Our Vision: To inspire individual creativity through entrepreneurship.

Our Mission: We cultivate the ideas, skills, potential, and innovation of business oriented individuals by establishing relationships and utilizing resources which include Norfolk State University in conjunction with the Hodge Institute, and surrounding communities to develop and enhance business professionals.