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Student Support Services - TRIO


Mission Statement

Student Support Services is a federally funded program, for first generation, low-income and disabled students providing academic support to promote persistence, retention and graduation from NSU. - SSS Brochure


Student Support Services is a federally funded program by the United States Department of Education. The program was established on the campus of Norfolk State University in Jul 1971.

The Norfolk State University Student Support Services program is designed to provide an array of supportive services for 400 eligible participants. Each participation will receive full service while matriculating at NSU.


Counseling (Academic and Financial Aid)
Tutoring/Peer Mentoring
Financial Intervention/SSS Grant Aid
Cultural and Educational Enrichment Activities
Computer Lab
Academic Supportive Aids
Skills Development
Scholarship Search Listings
Graduate School Visitations
Graduate and professional School Referrals
Financial Literacy Education
Career Awareness

Who Is Eligible?

Freshmen or sophomore enroll at Norfolk State University
Students that have an academic need

  • Students that meet federal program criteria
  • First generation students
  • Low-income students

All Students must meet three or more of the above criteria

How Can I Join Student Support Services?

A student must fill out and submit a completed SSS Program application. Once the application is submitted with all required attachments, the student will be interviewed by a SSS Student Development Counselor. After the interview session student will be notified of his/her acceptance into the program. This is a very competitive process as the program can only serve 400 students per year and slots only open up when a student graduates or transfers. Fill out your application ASAP. You can obtain an application from the SSS office or print a copy from our website.