Faculty and Staff

Meet our Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Computer Science are widely published experts in their fields and brings years of practical experience to the classroom. Our faculty are dedicated to the success of our students. These world-class scholars provide an atmosphere for student to learn, grow and interact with faculty who are passionate about teaching.

Full-time faculty

Dr. Felicia Doswell Felicia Doswell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Email: fdoswell@nsu.edu

Tel: 757-823-9453 Room: RTC 320 L

Research Areas:  Cybersecurity in IoT, Data Science, Mobile App Development

Dr. Musbah AbdulgaderMusbah Abdulgader, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email: mmabdulgader@nsu.edu

Tel: 757-823-9443 Room: RTC 320 I

Dr. D'Nita Andrews-Graham D'Nita Andrews Graham, Ed.D
Assistant Professor
Email: dagraham@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9580 Room: RTC 320 D

Research Areas: Instructional Technology, Mixed Reality, Cybersecurity Education

Dr. Jonathan Graham Jonathan Graham, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Information Assurance Research and Education Development Institute (IA-REDI)
Email: jmgraham@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9445, 757-823-0058 (MCAR) Room: RTC 310 L

Dr. Cheryl Hinds Cheryl Hinds, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and IT Program Coordinator
Email: chinds@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9551 Room: RTC 320 F

Dr. Mary Hoppa Mary Hoppa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Cybersecurity Graduate Program Coordinator
Email: mahoppa@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8654 Room: RTC 320 J

Research Areas: Cybersecurity, Cyberpsychology, metrics

Ms. May Hou Ms. May Hou
Email: mthou@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9455 Room: RTC 310 F


Dr. George Hsieh George Hsieh, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity (Cybersecurity COE)
Email: ghsieh@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8313 Room: RTC 320 M

Dr. Frank Hu Frank Hu, D.Sc.
Professor and Fellow of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI)
Email: yhu@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8308 Room: RTC 310 H

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Security in NextG Networks, Cybersecurity Education

Dr. Thorna Humphries Thorna Humphries, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Email: thumphries@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8318 Room: RTC 320 G


Dr. Rasha Morsi Rasha Morsi, Ph.D.
Professor, CSC Graduate Program Coordinator and Director, Creative Gaming and Simulaiton (CGS) Lab
Email: rmorsi@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9448 (RTC); 757-823-0047 (MCAR) Room: RTC 310 J; MCAR 218B

Research Areas: Serious Gaming, Virtual Reality Training Technologies, Humanoid Robotics

Dr. Samuel Olatunbosun Kingsley Nwosu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Email: kcnwosu@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8754 Room: RTC 320 B


Dr. Samuel Olatunbosun Samuel Olatunbosun, D.Sc.
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Email: sbolatunbosun@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-2591 Room: RTC 310 K


Dr. Samuel OlatunbosunIsaac Osunmakinde, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Email: ioosunmakinde@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9449 Room: RTC 310 C


Dr. Claude Turner Claude Turner, Ph.D.
Email: cturner@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8311 Room: RTC 310 B


Dr. Aurelia Williams Aurelia Williams, DPS
Professor and Director of the Cybersecurity Complex
Email: atwilliams@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8579, 757-823-9106(MCAR)
Room: RTC 320 D

Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Stuart AndersonMr. Stuart Anderson
Email: sdanderson@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Danielle ButtsMs. Danielle Butts
Email: dmbutts@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Kathy BrothersMs. Kathy Brothers
Email: kebrothers@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Mr. Richard DePauloMr. Richard DePaulo
Email: radepaulo@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Shawniece ParkerMs. Shawniece Parker
Email: slparker@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Kaila PerryMs. Kaila Perry
Email: kmperry@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Sandi SamuelMs. Sandi Samuel
Email: slsamuel@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Ms. Dawn SatiagoMs. Dawn Santiago
Email: dmsantiago@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320


Professor Emeritus

Dr. Cheryl HindsGeorge Harrison, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus



Ms. Brenda AnyanwuMs. Brenda Anyanwu
Administrative Assistant
Email: banyanwu@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9454 Room: RTC 320

Mr. Charles ScottMr. Charles Scott
IT Specialist
Email: cpscott@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9115 Room: RTC 213 B

Mr. Wei WangMr. Wei Wang
IT Specialist
Email: wwang@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8650 Room: RTC 205

Ms. Linda WinkfieldMs. Linda Winkfield
Office Manager
Email: lbwinkfield@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-8317 Room: RTC 320 K

Mr. Almateen YazidMr. Almateen Yazid
IT Specialist
Email: ayazid@nsu.edu
Tel: 757-823-9008 Room: RTC 213 C