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Account Information

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Department is the general billing and collections office for student tuition, course fees, room and board and other educational related fees. This department is also responsible for the posting of employee tuition benefits and the billing of third party and contract accounts.

Withdrawal Information

Notification Sent To Instructors Does Not Constitute An Official Withdrawal From The University.

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must submit an Application for Withdrawal which may be obtained from the academic department, advisor or the Office of the Registrar. It is the students’ responsibility to follow and complete all procedures to withdraw from the University. Additional Information

Delinquent Accounts

Registration to the University will be denied if the delinquent account is not paid in full. Requests for grades, transcripts, diplomas, certificates and verifications will be denied if a student has a delinquent account. Students are expected to satisfy all tuition, fees, room and meal costs when charges are incurred. Additional Information

Class Cancellation

Class Cancellation - Due to Non-Payment of Tuition & Fees
After registering for classes at Norfolk State University, students must satisfy their account balance in full or their classes will be cancelled. Students will be notified DAILY through NSU email if their account balance has not been satisfied by the billing due date. Additional Information