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Public Health Initiatives

The Foundation

Public health initiatives at Norfolk State University are inspired by the same vision that led to its creation during the Great Depression. The faculty, staff and students at NSU and our community and other partners are focused on well-being and justice with the end goal of creating the freedom to thrive for all people and communities in the Hampton Roads region. And, not just for now…across generations.

Public health initiatives at NSU focus on contributing to the creation of the vital conditions people and communities need to thrive on campus and throughout the region. We are invested in providing myriad programs and opportunities, from a Community of Care and Health and Wellness programs for our students, faculty and staff to education, scientific exploration, workforce training, student pipeline development and community empowerment and capacity building.

Public health initiatives at NSU are not new. Faculty, staff and students in nursing and allied health, social work, and education and sociology – to name a few areas - are actively engaged in promoting physical activity, combatting systematic racism, improving access to health care services, mental health, nutritious and affordable food and more. What is new is our level of commitment and focus. We are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our approaches and impact on our community through public health, including a focus on historical context, current conditions and action.

[This presentation uses language and frameworks from the Thriving Together movement described at Video:  Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery & Resilience in Communities Across America]

Public health initiatives at NSU and throughout Hampton Roads and beyond have a new, emerging communications resource: The CPHI Communications Hub (started in August 2022 and officially launching in January 2023). Projects will focus on engaging and informative content centered on people and communities and helping both to thrive.