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Maintenance Reporting

Welcome to the Housing & Residence maintenance request page By reporting your maintenance issue, you are helping to keep your "home away from home" at its best. After your request has been submitted, you will be provided with timely updates on the status of your repair. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email

* Work orders submitted after 4pm will not be addressed until the following weekday. If your request is an emergency, please contact Campus Police at (757) 823-9000 and/or notify the front desk staff of your residence hall.

To reduce duplicate submissions and provide you with more efficient service, please inform your roommate of your maintenance request submission for issues that occur within your room.

For residents in Spartan Suites

Spartan Suites maintenance reports will need to be reported through the Spartan Suites Resident Portal and/or inquired with a Spartan Suites staff member.

For Residents in traditional halls

Visit the Housing Self-Service Portal

  1. On the menu click on RCR/Damages
    1. If the menu doesn’t show for you, click on the menu icon ☰ next to the NSU logo on the top of the page.
  2. Click on Maintenance Requests
  3. Click on Add Work Order
  4. Please enter the following:
    1. Title: Subject of request
    2. Category: The type of issue
    3. Hall: The residence hall
    4. Room: The location of the issue
    5. Description: Please be concise, but descriptive of the issue. Do include the who, what, when, where, and why as much as possible. This will help staff better understand the issue.
  5. Click on Save to enter your work order
  6. You’ll now see that the work order is added to the list.

Video:  How to submit a maintenance request

Customer Care Services

The Office of Housing and Residence Life offers the Customer Care Services program where we come to you to aid in the quality of student housing.