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General Education Program Structure

General Education Program Structure CREW
CREW Outcomes - PDF

Close Reading

  • Recognizes possible implications of the text for contexts, perspectives, or issues beyond the assigned task within the classroom or beyond the author's explicit message (e.g. might recognize broader issues at play, or might pose challenges to the author's message and presentation).
  • Uses the text, general background knowledge and/or specific knowledge of the author's context to draw more complex inferences about the author's message and attitude.
  • Evaluates how textual features (e.g. sentence and paragraph structure or tone) contribute to the author's message; draws basic inferences about context and purpose of text. 

For Effective Writing

  • Introduce and Emphasize
  • Emphasize and Reinforce
  • Reinforce and Advance

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Close Reading for Effective Writing

Step 01
What is Close Reading?
Close reading is the practice of paying careful attention to all elements of a text (content, organization, tone, style, format, sentence structure, grammar, and such) in order to analyze, as we as comprehend the text and to become familiar with effective writing practices, which allows for transferring into one's own writing.

Review or skim the text for basic features:  genre, structure, sections, headings, diagrams, title, purpose and the like. Discuss what information these features provide to readers and how they should approach the text.

Step 02
In an ideal reading process, the student will make multiple passes through the text and read for different elements, on each pass.

Step 03
Read the text critically. Consider and discuss the author's point of view and potential biases, assumptions made about reader's knowledge and beliefs, consider what is unsaid or excluded from the text, and consider implications and possible interpretations of the material presented. 

Step 04
Focus on a small passage and discuss the writer's style and strengths of language, punctuation, and syntax.