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NSU Cleanroom

COVID-19 ProtocolTraining for VeteransCleanroom Training for Undergraduates

COVID-19 Protocol

The disruptive effects of the COVID-19 outbreak have impacted almost all sectors of our society. Higher education is no exception. Therefore, we need a plan for a phased transition away from such restrictions in a manner that will enable the sustainable suppression of transmission at a low-level. Reopening cleanroom and labs, especially in this time of a public health emergency, means that you will have to stay informed and aligned with your institute's leaders and recent guidelines for health and safety practices. Every lab differs in the type of research and routines they follow, so have created and implemented a safety plan that works best for our cleanroom and remains aligned with the NSU guidelines. We plan to reopen of NSU Cleanroom Facility on Monday, November 2, 2020.


Cleanroom Training for Veterans

The cleanroom training for veterans, Nanomanufacturing Certificate Program (NCP), aims at equipping military veterans, as well as transitioning military personnel, with nanomanufacturing and new product development skills companies need to move life-changing nano-scale applications out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. This 12-week program consists of six training modules that are designed to provide a foundational background in nanotechnology infrastructure, safety and hygiene, material properties and effects of size, synthesis, fabrication, characterization and application. The program will provide hands-on exposure and practice on nanofabrication processing and characterization toolsets aimed at equipping program completers with nanotechnology-based manufacturing and new product development skills and preparing them for entry into careers in a multitude of industry sectors that are utilizing nanotechnology in their products, processes, and developments.


Cleanroom Training for Undergraduates

The Accelerated Nanotechnology Training Program offered by The SCENE is a summer research and mentoring program to increase students’ knowledge and skills, and to motivate their interest in pursuing nanoscience and engineering. The seven-week experience will feature extensive training in cleanroom operation, followed by a short-term applied activity or project with a paired faculty or partner institute researcher.  Student interns complete the full training regimen in the NSU Micro and Nano-technology Center (MiNaC), a 6,000 square foot clean-room facility that enables the fabrication of nano-scale optical and electronic devices. The partner research institutes include NASA Langley Research Center (NASA-LaRC), Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab), Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), etc.




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