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The cleanroom offers a variety of courses. There are general training and safety training courses for the cleanroom use and certification training courses for using each cleanroom equipment.

  • General Safety / Chemical Safety / Cleanroom Protocol Training / Certification Training

There are three basic training courses required to complete prior to use the cleanroom facilities. Students who have passed general safety and chemical safety training can eligible to pass the cleanroom protocol training.

In order to use the cleanroom facilities, students need to go through all these steps. These trainings are held multiple times each semester for students. Also, the same trainings are held for outsiders who want to use the NSU cleanroom facilities.

The following describes procedures that should be followed for a successful cleanroom experience.

  1. Cleanroom Chemical Safety Training:
    1. Required for all individuals and General Laboratory Safety Training is a pre-requisite.
    2. One quiz is administered at the end of each class and the scoring at least 80% on the quiz is required.
    3. The refresher course is required every two years.
  2. Equipment Training and Certification:
    1. All individuals are required to be trained and certified on any equipment they plan to use.
      i. The cleanroom technician or any equipment custodian will go over step by step how to operate the equipment using provided manuals.
      ii. The technician or PI will evaluate user proficiency prior to the certification is granted.
      iii. The certified equipment user can operate the equipment without the assistance of the PI or Technician.
      iv.Re-training is required if the certified equipment user does not use the equipment for Six consecutive months.
  3. Log Books and Log Sheets:
    1. All individuals entering the cleanroom must sign in and sign out in the log book located at the gowning area.
    2. All equipment users must sign in and sign out and provide all the required information regarding each equipment on the log sheets before and after use.