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Become a User



In order to maintain a safe and clean environment, the following classes are required in order to become a Cleanroom User.

  1. Laboratory Safety General – Pre-requisite to the Cleanroom Chemical Safety Class.
    A perfect score is required in order to proceed to the next class.       
    Safety Manual Download
  2. Cleanroom Chemical Safety which includes Cleanroom Protocol and Cleanroom Orientation. 
    A perfect score is required in order to proceed.  
    Cleanroom Manual Download
  3. Refresher courses are required every two years.
  4. Documentation:
    1. Cleanroom Agreement Form to be signed by everyone.   
      Form Download
    2. PI Approval Form to be completed by PI on behalf of the Researcher
      Form Download
    3. Vendor Approval Form to be completed by outside vendors.   
      Form Download
  5. Cleanroom ID Access will be granted thereafter for Equipment Training.

Equipment Training and Certification

All individuals are required to be trained and certified on any equipment they plan to use. The Cleanroom Technician and or Equipment Custodian provide training.

  1. Proficiency is required before certification.
  2. User is certified to use equipment when proficiency is demonstrated
  3. Retraining is required if equipment is not used in six months

    Certification Training Approval Form Download

    Word File 
    PDF File