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Academic Excellence Program

As a Dozoretz scholar, our students are held to a high standard of academic excellence. We require our students to fulfill the following requirements to maintain their good standing in the DNIMAS Program:

Academic Requirements

DNIMAS students are required to maintain a high standard of excellence.  At the end of every semester, performances are evaluated to determine if all the requirements of the program have  been satisfied.  If satisfied, the DNIMAS scholarship is renewed every semester.  Requirements are subject to change!

Current Students' Financial Aid

Our current DNIMAS students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15th. Although the University's Financial Aid deadline date is March 15th. This process is now required for assistance in the application selection process. The FAFSA Application can be found on line. Read more about instructions for completing your Financial Aid here.

Peer Tutoring, Mentoring and Collaborative Learning

DNIMAS Students are required to fulfill the obligations of the Peer Tutoring and Mentoring Program, and the Collaborative Learning Program. Read more about Peer Tutoring

Summer Internships

DNIMAS Students are required to do two summer internships within their four years. Read more about Summer Internships

Residential Living

The DNIMAS program was designed to create an academic community where learning is essential in our student's growth. Students must reside in the Mid-Rise residence hall during the entire academic year.  While living in Mid-Rise, they are able to engage in further developing their skills while participating in the living and learning community.