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Military and Veterans

Resources for Military & Veteran Students

Applying for VA Education Benefits
For those seeking VA Education Benefits, eligibility requires enrollment in an approved degree or certificate program. First-time users of VA education benefits must complete an application process with the VA.

Here you will find information about the Army ROTC program at Norfolk State University. Army ROTC is a world-class leadership development program which trains, develops, and commissions the future leadership of the United States Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard.

Graduate Admissions
NSU provides dedicated support for Military Services and Veterans Affairs (MSVA) students pursuing graduate studies. Our Graduate Admissions Office offers specialized assistance tailored to their needs, guiding them through the application process and program exploration. From application requirements to academic program selection, MSVA students receive personalized support to help them achieve their academic and career objectives at NSU.

Military Services and Veterans Affairs
NSU's Office of Military Services and Veterans Affairs is dedicated to supporting military personnel, veterans, and their families. Our mission is to guide them from admission to graduation, ensuring they receive a high-quality education. We aim to create a nurturing environment that helps them reach their full potential, fostering leadership and citizenship. 

Welcome to the homepage of Bravo Company, Hampton Roads Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), proudly representing Norfolk State University within one of the nation's largest NROTC units. As members of the Hampton Roads NROTC battalion, we benefit from our close proximity to the world's largest naval base, offering unparalleled training opportunities to our members.