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Norfolk State University
2021 GenCyber Professional Development Workshop for High School Teachers

Application and Selection Criteria

The purpose of the 2021 GenCyber Professional Development Workshop for High School Teachers is to introduce a curriculum that teachers in the STEM area and other interested teachers can use to introduce the GenCyber concepts in their classrooms in a fun and engaging approach.  High school teachers will receive instruction in designing lesson plans associated with GenCyber principles.  These concepts include various topics in cybersecurity, cyber education, and career opportunities.

Teacher Qualifications

Teachers are required to have the following qualifications:

  • Possess a valid Virginia Collegiate Professional License or a Postgraduate Professional License;
  • Be licensed to teach the subject(s) grade level(s) to which they are assigned;
  • Have had successful classroom experiences for a minimum of three years based upon a proficient or exemplary evaluation rating;
  • Be recognized by peers and supervisors, through written recommendations, as an accomplished teacher in at least one model of instruction and as a skilled leader in instructional development;
  • Have the recommendation of the school principal;
  • Possess effective interpersonal and collaborative skills; and
  • Be committed to personal professional growth and learning.