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Basic Procurement and Best Practice Tips Guide
Procurement information pertaining to the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), mandatory sources, methods of procurement and more. 

Small Purchase Charge Card
Procurement Information covering use of the small purchase charge card, card reconciliation, emergency procurement and more.

Contract Administration
Instructions to the contract administrators to assure the contractor and agency’s performance is in accordance with all of the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement.

Contract Management Training
Instructions to ensure contract management provides systematic and efficient management in contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize financial and operational performance and minimize risk.

Ethics information pertaining to the role of ethics in the procurement process.

eVA Basics/Log in
Instructions on how to access and use of the Commonwealth’s procurement portal.

eVA Receiving Guide
Receiving allows you to track the receipt of an item. The functionality provides the ability to partially or completely accept goods and/or services, or reject items/services.

2023 SWaM Event
Presentations from the training sessions held at the 2023 SWaM event.