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Report a Concern

Different ways to Report Concerns

Executive Officers, faculty, staff, student employees and others acting on the behalf of NSU are expected to maintain the highest ethical standard, observe all applicable policies, practices, procedures, regulations, laws and professional standards.  Norfolk State University’s Employee Code of Ethics has been developed to guide employees in setting and practicing high standards of ethical conduct, please review for more detail. 

Principles of Ethical Conduct

The Employee Code of Ethics outlines Norfolk State University's values and standards of conduct.  The Code promotes self-governance, best practices, transparency, and a commitment to integrity.  The Code does not create another set of rules, but instead serves as a codification of existing university policies.  Additionally, our Code serves as the foundation of the University Compliance Program.

There are multiple mechanisms available to report suspected or actual wrongful conduct.  Regardless of the reporting method used, it is important to speak up when you have concerns and before a law or University policy has been violated.  Reporting options are listed below.

Reporting at Norfolk State University

Who do I tell when I have a concern?

If it is not appropriate to report your concern to your immediate supervisor, you may contact: