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Nanotechnology Training and Research ProgramNanotechnology Training and Research Program

The Accelerated Nanotechnology Training for Undergraduate Students

The SCENE creates an intensive nanotechnology training this summer for the selected students, which will entail courses and hands-on experiences on nanofabrication and characterization. The nanotechnology training will provide unique skills for your resume and you will learn many different ways to create nano-scale devices in an era where the leading engineering research groups are relentlessly looking for nano-literate graduate students.

If you are interested in conducting research, improving your academic skills, engaging with a cohort of undergraduate researchers, and enhancing your graduate application, do not miss this chance to put your summer to good use! Talented undergraduates are awarded the opportunity to study and research at premier academic institutions.

Summer Research Program 2024

Topic: Semiconductor Processing Technology
Date: Jun 3 – 28, 2024
Program coordinator: Dr. Thong Le
Description: The Summer Internship Program at Norfolk State University is a research program for Undergraduate and Community College students focusing on Semiconductor Processing Technology with hands-on activities in cleanroom where micro- and nano-scale devices are fabricated. Program runs from Jun 3 – 28, 2024, offering participants a $3,000 stipend along with travel, meal, and housing allowances. Explore innovation with us this summer.
Program Overview:
• Cleanroom Safety
• Sputtering and Deposition Techniques
• Lithography
• Plasma Etching
• Characterization Techniques
• Nanoscale Device Fabrication
Program Requirements:
• Undergraduate and Community College students enrollment in engineering or related discipline
• U.S. citizen or permanent resident

The Internship Program is provided by The SCENE "The Southeastern Coalition for Engagement and Exchange in Nanotechnology Education Louis Stoke Regional Center of Excellence" (funded by NSF Grant #2229983).

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Advanced Cleanroom Training Protocol for Graduate Researchers

Advanced Cleanroom Training Protocol for Graduate Researchers

Graduate students, the Cleanroom Squad, are trained advanced cleanroom protocol comprised of detailed hands-on training on cleanroom equipment located in the NSU cleanroom. The training involved how to fully operate the cleanroom equipment (Thermal evaporator, DC Sputter, RIE, TCP-RIE, Mask Aligner, SEM, TEM, ...) including key machine operation steps and various analysis techniques.

Advanced Cleanroom Training Protocol for Graduate Researchers

Technical Conference and Seminar

The annual conference occurred on July 24, 2020.  Due to the pandemic, the conference has been switched to a virtual live-stream online format. Several presentations were presented by four invited keynote speakers from Institute for Defense Analysis - Arlington, University of Leeds - United Kingdom, NASA Langley Research Center, STROBE Science and Technology Center - University of Colorado. The topic of the conference is “Nanotechnology: Powering Our Aspirations for A Brighter Tomorrow.”

Professional Development Seminar

On Jul 22, 2020, the professional development seminar was given by invited speakers from University of California -Berkeley, University of Oregon, and Micro Technologies. Students were guided to prepare for STEM Graduate Education and their career development in industry.

Information Dissemination and Outreach

Nanoday and Open House


STEAM Camp (K-5)


Little Lab Mates
Middle school students visited labs at McDemmond Center for Applied Research, NSU. These students had the opportunity to see the graduate students at work and participated in a small experiment/challenge based on the index of refraction as a part of K-12 STEM education. We are coordinating with the teachers there to see if this can become a recurring program.