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Class Attendance Policy


The University expects students to attend all classes. The student assumes full responsibility for work missed due to an absence. Make-up work may be permitted at the discretion of the instructor.

Excused Absences

While absences are discouraged, the University recognizes that, on occasion, students may have legitimate reasons for being absent. Thus, a student will be permitted one unexcused absence per semester hour credit or the number of times a given class meets per week. Once a student exceeds the number of allowed unexcused absences, an instructor may require an official University excuse. Not more than twenty percent (20%) of class meetings (excused and/or unexcused) may be missed by a student during a given semester. At the discretion of the instructor, a student whose absences exceed 20% of scheduled class meetings for the semester may receive a grade of "F" for the course.


Students have the responsibility to confer with instructors regarding all absences or intended absences. If sudden departure from the campus (for an emergency or extraordinary reason) prevents a student from communicating with each of his or her instructors, the student is expected to notify the Dean of Students Office within 48 hours.

Reasons for Absences

Class excuses are issued for legitimate reasons as deemed appropriate by the Dean of Students Office. Such incidents may include but are not limited to medical reasons, funerals for immediate family members, or official University business/activity. Official written documentation is required. Notes from relatives, friends, guardians, etc. are not accepted as "official" documentation for absences. The Dean of Students Office will determine if an absence is legitimate and if an excuse will be issued.

Spartan Health Center

Students who become ill are encouraged to report to the Spartan Health Center, located in Spartan Station, for minor medical treatment. A current NSU ID Card must be presented prior to treatment. Written verification of illness issued by the Spartan Health Center should be delivered to the Dean of Students Office and an official University excuse should be obtained.

On-Campus Facilities

Students residing in on-campus housing facilities are governed by the same policies and procedures as nonresident students insofar as class attendance and class excuses are concerned.

Absence Request Form

Students must complete an Absence Request Form, provide official documentation to support the reason for their absence and a copy of their NSU ID.