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NSU Public Health Collaborative

Collaborative Themes and Purpose

In early February 2021, Dr. DoVeanna Fulton, NSU’s Provost, convened a multi-disciplinary group of NSU faculty and charged them with recommending public health curriculum for NSU, starting with a Master of Public Health degree program. 

The resulting NSU Public Health Collaborative (the Collaborative) met weekly throughout the spring 2021 semester to discuss a vision for growth, current and needed resources, accreditation requirements and more. On April 19, 2021, Dr. Mebane (who facilitated the group with Dr. Khadijah Miller and Dr. Cynthia Burwell) presented an overview of the Collaborative’s recommendations with the following themes:

  • Reducing health disparities and promoting health equity will be core elements of all of NSU’s public health programs. Whether we are providing continuing education for community health workers or training public health leaders in a doctoral program, students will develop related knowledge, understanding and skills. 
  • Our public health programs will empower NSU faculty, students and staff and partners in local communities.  
  • Similarly, new Centers and Institutes will serve as catalysts for groups of NSU and other faculty, staff and students to build community around public health issues (e.g., behavioral health, mental health and obesity) and approaches. Programs will also help us better understand issues facing our communities and other, specific populations (e.g., pregnant women or black men) and help them build solutions to address them. 
  • A critical charge of schools of public health is to help build public health leaders. Programs range from continuing education to academic degree programs. NSU will serve as a leader and coordinator of this focus. 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in access and engagement related to academic programs, research, advocacy, policymaking will also be core elements of NSU’s public health initiatives. Also, college and workforce diversity programs will boost success graduation and career pursuits for a wider range of students. 

Starting in fall 2021, the Collaborative evolved into a working group of faculty across campus who are passionate about academic public health and supporting health in the region. These faculty work together to establish and conduct public health initiatives that address the needs of underserved communities to provide equitable healthcare support and transformational public health practices and community engagement. The Collaborative supports these goals by providing a forum for engagement, information sharing, training and links to resources.

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Collaborative Members

NSU faculty members are welcome to join the Collaborative at any time by sending an email request to


Dr. Felicia Mebane, Executive Director (I), Center for Public Health Initiatives at NSU (February 2021 - )

College of Science Engineering & Technology

(Unless noted otherwise, faculty are members of the Nursing and Allied Health Department.)

  • Ms. Melody Armstrong (February 2021 - )
  • Ms. Sandra Barnes (February – July 2021 - )
  • Dr. Jill Comess (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Felicia Doswell, Chair (I), Computer Science (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald, Mathematics (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Mildred Fuller, Chair (I) (August 2021 - )
  • Ms. Rosalyn Gardiner (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Thorna Humphries, Computer Science (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Batrina Martin (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Alicia Moore (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Aretha Thurman (August 2021 - )

Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work

  • Dr. Sharon Alston (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dungee-Anderson, Dean (I) (February 2021 - )

College of Liberal Arts

  • Dr. Scott Debb, Psychology (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Desi Hacker, Psychology; also Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research (February – July 2021)
  • Dr. Willie Marsh, Mass Communications and Journalism (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Khadijah Miller, History and Interdisciplinary Studies; also Dean (I), Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Robert K. Perkins, Sociology (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Carlene Turner, Chair, Sociology (August 2021 - )
  • Dr. Yuying Shen, Sociology (February 2021 - )

School of Education

(Unless noted otherwise, faculty are members of the Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science Department.)

  • Dr. Cynthia Burwell also Director, NSU Center of Excellence in Minority Health Disparities (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Nicole Kyser, SESL (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Kathleen Thomas (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Sheila Ward (February 2021 - )
  • Dr. Kianga Thomas, EESE​​​​​​​ (February 2021 - )