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Housing & Residence Life provides a living and learning environment that both challenges and supports the personal, social, recreational, cultural, and academic development of its residents. Below you'll find some of the commonly asked questions for on-campus housing. Click on the question to view its answer.

  • Is the Office of Housing & Residence Life is accepting housing applications for the Fall 2023 term?

    Yes. The application is available for students to apply. Below are the available application types and the criteria for accessing the form.

    • First-time students must be fully admitted to NSU. The deadline for first-time students to apply and pay their non-refundable housing deposit is June 1, 2023. Students who are under 18 at the time that they apply for housing will need their parents/ guardian to sign their application.
    • Returning students must be registered for classes to apply for housing. Please wait 24 business hours after class registration to begin your housing application. The housing deadline for returning students to apply and pay their non-refundable housing deposits April 21, 2023. Please read the Housing Application FAQs page for more information.
    • Spartan Suite Residents can participate in the Spartan Suites Squatters Rights process make a request to preserve their current assigned space in the Spartan Suites for the fall 2023 term. They will need to be registered for classes and complete the application before it is due by April 21, 2023. Complete the application “Returning Student Spartan Suites Application” to participate. For more information, please read the Squatters Rights FAQs.
  • Do I have to pay my deposit and turn my application in at the same time?

    Yes. Your housing application will remain in pending status until your deposit has been made online through the housing application form or through the Cashier's Office.

  • Can I send my application in after the deadline date?

    Yes. Students who do not apply and pay the deposit by the deadline will be assigned to the next available space in the order that they submit their application and deposit. We will try our best to assign you in the hall you requested however, we cannot guarantee this.

  • How will freshmen be assigned to a residence hall?

    First-time freshmen are typically assigned to Babbette Smith North Hall (females) and Babbette Smith South Hall (males).
    Students in the Honors College and DNIMAS will be assigned to Midrise Residential Honors College.
  • Are housing deposits refundable?

    No. Housing deposits are non-refundable except in cases where a deposit has been paid but there are no vacancies either on-campus or in temporary housing.
  • What are the deadlines for housing applications?

    The housing deadline for incoming NSU students is as follows:

    Fall 2023 Semester

    To be eligible Fall 2023 housing applicants must have a complete housing application on file and have paid the $300 deposit fee by Returning Students deadline is April 21, 2023 and the First-Time Students deadline is June 1, 2023. The $300 housing deposit is non-refundable.

    NSU accepts housing applications submitted after the deadline, until all spaces are filled. Please note the $300 non-refundable housing deposit is due each  academic year.

  • Is the housing application process different for transfer students?

    Transfer students utilize the same housing application process as all of our prospective/current students.
  • Will I find out who my roommate is before I come to campus?

    Both of you must have given permission to release your information on your housing application.
  • Can students sublease their apartment in the Spartan Suites?

    No. The option to sublease is not available in Spartan Suites.
  • Will a housing deposit roll over for a deposit for the Spartan Suites?

    Yes. The housing deposit is a requirement for all residential facilities, including Spartan Suites.