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Undergraduate Staff

Dominique Harrison
Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions

Chelsea Hall
Office Manager

Admissions counselors

Larry Wilson, MBA
Associate Director for Recruitment

Aayanah Booker
Admissions Counselor

Dominque Garcia
Admissions Counselor

Royce Ridley
Admissions Counselor

Virginia College Affordability Network (VCAN) Scholarship

Ricky Hopkins
Assistant Director of Special Programs

Marlisa Sanders
Assistant Director of Special Programs


Operations staff

Kimberly Malone
Associate Director of Operations
International Applications 

Candi Miles
Processing Coordinator

Lisa Harris
Freshman applications A-F

Admissons Processor
Freshman applications G-M

Admissions Processor
Freshman applications N-Z

Monika Hines
Admissions Customer Service Specialist

Holly Estrada
CRM Analyst

Brenda Smith
Data Services Coordinator