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drawing of a human brain with various pieces of digital technology identified within the image

Below are the faculty and key personnel involved with teaching cyberpsychology courses and conducting cyberpsychological research. 

Dr. Scott DebbDarlene Colson, Ph.D.
Interim CyberPsychology Program Coordinator
Office: Virtual
Phone | email: 757-301-1127 |

- Expertise: ​Clinical Psychology (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
- Interests: Positive Psychology; Resilience; Ethics
- Courses: Experimental; Positive Psych; Psych Seminar

Dr. Scott DebbScott Debb, LPC, Ed.D.
Professor & Director of the Cyberpsychology Research Lab
Main Office: Brown Hall, Room 216.11
Lab Office: MCAR Cybersecurity Research Complex, 605K Cyberpsychology Lab
Phone | email: 757-823-8943 |

- Expertise: ​Social Psychology, Clinical Mental Health / Telehealth Counseling (Licensed Professional Counselor); Adlerian Psychology
- Interests: Cyberpsychology; Quality of Life; Reslience; Conflict analysis; Translation science (linguistic cross-cultural assessment)
- Courses: Intro cyberpsychology courses, Cyberpsychopathology, Consumer & Media Cyberpsychology, Virtuality, Cognition, Cyberpsychology Internship, Advanced Cyberpsychology Research, Cyberpsychology Capstone

Dr. Andrew FranklinAndrew Franklin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: BMH 216.17
Phone | email: 757-823-2241  |

- Expertise: ​Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Predictors of Academic Success for African American Student
- Interests: Cyberpsychology, Psychology of Religion, AA student college experience, first-generation college student experiences, and Psychological Testing
- Courses: Intro cyberpsychology courses

Karen Holmes, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Office: BMH 216.08
Phone | email: 757-823-9055  |

- Expertise: ​Social Psychology
- Interests: Research methods, Social Psychology
- Courses: Intro cyberpsychology courses

Demarrah Jameson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: BMH 216.12
Phone | email: 757-823-8573 |

- Expertise: ​Health Psychology
- Interests: Health Psychology
- Courses: Intro cyberpsychology courses

Dr. Stacy ThayerDr. Stacey Thayer, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Office: Virtual
Phone | email: by request |

- Expertise: ​forensic cyberpsychology, HCI
- Interests: cybersecurity, forensic psychology, remote work environments, and organizational culture
- Courses: Forensic Cyberpsychology, Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction, Research Methods

Azar Nik (formerly Eftekhar), Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
Office: Virtual
Phone | email: by request |

- Expertise: ​Cyberpsychology
- Interests: Personality
- Courses: Forensic Cyberpsychology, Virtuality, Cognition Cyberpsychology Research